Test Blog

The lion cubs from South Africa

Here are the lion cubs that were at the cheetah reserve

This is where you will write your blog. This is a test blog to show you what yours can look like.

Decide what your title will be for your blog entry and type it in the box labeled “Enter title here.”

Also, don’t forget to select a category for your blog. This will be what your blog is about–maybe based on a certain topic Dr. Segall assigned. The categories are on the right hand side labeled “Categories”….it should be easy to identify.

To add a picture to your blog, click on the “Add Media button.” This is the icon that looks like a camera and music note. It is above the “Bold” and “Italics” icons and to the right of where it says “Upload/Insert.” Once you have filled everything in, click on “Insert into Post.”

After you are done writing your blog, hit the “Publish” button. If you don’t want to publish it right away and want to come back to it later to edit, make sure to save your draft (“Save Draft” button underneath “Publish”). You can preview it to see what it looks like–just select the “Preview”  button which is also underneath “Publish.”

You can always go back to your blog and edit it after you publish it.

You might be asked to comment on another classmate’s blog. To do that, just click on their blog and scroll down to the bottom until you see “Leave a Reply.” Then write your comment and select “Post Comment.”

Have fun in Morocco!



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