Gender and Religion


It’s interesting to see what diverse apparel there is throughout women in Morocco. Anything from full-coverage Islamic-wear, to a tank and ankle-covering skirt, to a head scarf and t-shirt and capris. It depends on, I’m sure, the woman, her background and upbringing, her location, etc. The women… they stare… at us. Are we clothed inappropriately? Covered inaccurately? Purely foreign? Is that a look of disapproval? An unwelcoming glance? Jealousy? Judgment? Curiosity? The clothing you wear, really no matter where you go, can connect or detach a relationship. No matter where you go, women watch; women judge; women compare. It’s the unspoken fight for dominance; dominance and favor – over and for men. It’s tiring, strenuous, and frankly quite ridiculous. Be yourself; be you; worry about yourself and be happy with the image God gave you – inside and out. It’s easy to judge the outside and not even realize there’s an inside – something deeper and more profound. From what I saw, women with booths in the newer market often sat on stools, like the men, wearing a t-shirt and jeans – nothing so different from our culture. Yet there was still something in the air – a kind of competition; no mercy. The day women truly get along. It’s almost a good parallel to multiple religions coming together – coming together on a respectable note. Not having to agree but to an extent, agreeing to disagree. Women + women = Christians + Muslims + Jews, for example. So many similarities, yet seemingly too many differences. Women find their cliques – religious groups have their cliques. There’s a lack of innocence and a rise of ignorance. Image


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