A Christian’s Job


One of the central themes of Christianity is the idea of reconciliation. One key example of this is through the story of Christ and by the fact that “God so loved the world that he gave His only Son” to save all of humanity. During our time in Meknes, we got to experience reconciliation first-hand when we went to visit an Imam in his home. It was an incredible time because he was not only willing to reach out to us Westerners but the fact that he invited us into his home showed us that he was willing to cross boundaries as well. While at his home, we were all able to ask him questions about his faith, his attitudes, and his culture. He answered all of our questions to the best of his abilities and when it was over (and all of the bread and dates had been shared) there was a sense of peace and understanding between both sides of the room. I speak for myself, but I think I can say that all of us who went did not feel the same afterwards. This was a small act of reconciliation at its best. It was two groups of people who were able to come together and see each other as people.

I believe that if Jesus were alive today he would talk to people that are cast out of our society. I personally think that if he came to the Christian community, he would reach out to the LGBT community. This thought came to me after seeing the Imam because it showed me just how reaching out and talking to someone who might have been labeled as a threat back at home showed their true humanity and kindness. The relationship between Christians and the LGBT community has gotten to the point where each group has seen each other as a threat and I believe that Jesus would talk to both groups to act as a bridge between them. Because of this talk with the Imam, all of the members of the group have a greater respect for Islam and would be willing to stand up for it and its followers if someone was ever tearing it down. Likewise, we need people to bridge the gap for these two groups which would be an act of reconciliation.


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