The World as a Melting Pot


When I first thin of the term “globalization” I think of the loss of tradition and the spread of Western (mainly American) culture; I did not view it positively to say the least. However, on this trip I noticed that globalization can be simpler and more positive than that. It is the sharing of ideas, products, people, and culture. I have been able to notice both Western and Moroccan products in every restaurant and shop. Coca-Cola cans sit next to traditional loaves of bread; Mars Bars are stacked next to candies with Arabic names and unknown ingredients to me. Another aspect of globalization that I noticed was the fact that every one knew classical Arabic, Derija (the Moroccan dialect), French, and some even knew other languages such as English and Spanish. This knowledge of different languages allows these people to understand and communicate with so many different areas of the world. It allows ideas to spread rapidly and create noticeable change. This mixture of Western and Eastern culture is so apparent in this part of the world. It is not the loss of the traditional Moroccan culture but a the growth of a stronger and more culturally diverse nation. 


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