First Page Glimpse


An early morning in Granada welcomed us to a full days travel across the Strait of Gibraltar and into Tanger where we rested for the night. Crossing the Strait wasn’t much unlike any other ferry ride, other than the view of the Rock of Gibraltar just northeast of us. Nearing the coast of Africa, the waters became more vibrant and lively. Something about turquoise waters against light, sandy colors of the shore brought a warm, joyful feel, bringing me back to my days in Hawaii. The Spanish horizon behind us held a thick, foggy belt of clouds and dirty air, blending sea and sky. On the Moroccan side it appeared more clear, but probably more so thanks to the forceful rays of sun breaking in the day. As we drove onto Moroccan soil, there was an unexpected landscape of green foliage occasionally parted by sandy, rocky fields. I recognized the scenery to continually prove similar to that of Maui, but nothing like the same feeling, whether because of the company or circumstances. Eventually we found ourselves risen above the mess of thick air to a glistening haven of tropical jungle-like shrubbery blanketing the hills sometimes topped with crest-white mansions for the lucky; only to slowly dive back down through twisting roads for the driving enthusiast back into ‘the fog’. As we approached the coast, the gentle hint of ocean blue that was the Atlantic began to show itself. Even in the most lightly dimmed weather, the vast Atlantic, in what little of itself it presented, was magnificent. The smells of Morocco aren’t particularly appealing, but the sights do the work of making up for it. The next thing we knew, we were descending step by step into the cave of Hercules – the long time hero seen as strong minded and brave. Another view of the Atlantic, through the eyes of Hercules. After spending the night in Tanger, where we enjoyed a splinter of bliss overlooking a clear pool and the even more beautiful Strait, we were quickly off towards Meknes. The journey began.






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