My Homestay Inspiration


You know that moment where you think you have your future perfectly planned, and then you get put into a situation where you realize how painfully unprepared you are? Yeah, I had my moment in Spain.

In Spain, we were placed in homestays with families who spoke nothing but Spanish. I was placed with my best friend, Chelsey, in the home of Antonio and Margarita and their 6-year-old daughter, Marga. Every day during siesta or before/after dinner, “Baby Marga” (as we called her) would insist that we play with her. Since she spoke no English, we depended on hand gestures and what little Spanish we both knew to communicate. It was a great time; we danced, played school, and made a “pelicula,” complete with hair and make-up. Being with her was a joy.

It was during my four nights with her, however, that made my heart sink in realization. When I’m a teacher, I’m going to have students who are English language learners and with them I’ll have the responsibility of making sure that they are learning; it’s not just going to be playtime like it was with Baby Marga. It has inspired me to continue keeping up with learning Spanish and to research how to teach in an ESL classroom.

I don’t want students to fall behind because of a language barrier. It is my job to ensure that they get the education they deserve. My time at this homestay in Granada has motivated me to find ways to do this. I’ve already found lesson plans that teach English and concepts at the elementary level through songs. There are so many ways to help these students. I’m just glad I discovered this early on.

Our amazing host family. So kind, patient & generous!


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