Reconciling the Mass


Reconciliation isn’t the first word that will pop into the average person’s mind when mentioning other countries, or foreigners, or distant religious or political forums. No, it isn’t natural, but it is called for. It’s needed. All people should seek reconciliation and seek to be reconciled to God and others. As humans, we are God’s created. As mere earthly manifestations of His being, we are called to be reconciled to our place as His children and therefore called to seek to reconcile others to Christ and ourselves to others. Reconciliation. Togetherness. Agreement, to a certain extent. Peace. We are to be the peacemakers; to both turn the other cheek and love your neighbor even as yourself. Seemingly the greatest “compromise” of all time was performed by the greatest Being of beyond time: God becoming human. Christ begotten by God; stepping into a world of all He is not. The ultimate sacrifice made for the ultimate purpose: freedom and salvation. The only thing more humbling than knowing we’re broken, dying sinners, is to know a perfect Being, completely aware of our evil nature, is not only willing but also the first to offer grace and forgiveness. He exists in perfect harmony alone, yet chooses to invite us into His presence, dirty and pitiful, reconciling our broken selves to His utmost wholesome being. The lion and the lamb will be re-united, He says. That is the goal, the purpose – our purpose. Bring the kingdom of God to earth. Re-unite. Be peacemakers. Reconcile. This is our call – as followers to the one who first begot, first loved, first sacrificed, first perfected. How lovely the image so much more pure and true and right than any earthly word or understanding. If only – the day we step into the light of His presence. What we have now – the beauty of creation and relation – is a mere glimpse of His almighty power and glory, manifested to simplify His greatness to terms we might better grasp. O’ to the day we enter His presence or see His face – the day we’re fully reconciled to and with Him. But the first step to understand what He did for us is to attempt to do it for someone else. Not only a friend, but as far fetched as a foe or a people we do not understand or even begin to know. Steps from within lead to changes outward and beyond. 




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