A World of Languages


A carpet seller in Meknes named Abdul, whom we talked to and bought rugs from

Our first meal in Morocco was in a small restaurant in Tangier. As we left, we passed the cook and attempted to say that the food was good in some combination of Spanish, English and patting our stomachs. He replied in good English, “You liked it?” We all cheered for the English-speaking chef! We asked him how many languages he could speak, and learned that he could speak five languages. The people of Morocco continued to surprise me with their knowledge of languages. In America, if you know one language fluently then you’re doing pretty good. In Morocco, however, many people we met knew at least four languages.

With globalization and the fact that traveling is getting easier, learning the languages of the tourists is a necessity. The people learn multiple languages in order to survive. The vender who can talk to Spanish, English and German-speaking tourists is going to make more money  than the vendor who can only speak Arabic or French. The effort the Moroccan people put into learning my language amazed me, since I had flown across the world not knowing any of theirs.


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