Coming Together with Laughter


In the meeting with the Imam (one of the leaders of a mosque) we were shown amazing hospitality. One man I will never forget, he was serving us and the other men there milk, dates and sweet bread, and he seemed so happy. Even though none of us could actually talk to him other than to thank him with “shokran”, we were able to share smiles and laughter. He continued to serve us  and when we tried to tell him that we were full or didn’t want more he would just smile and offer the plate again insisting that we would take more, so we would laugh and grab a third or fourth date. There was also a point when one of the men was trying to take a picture of our group, but the man serving us kept accidentally crossing in front of the camera trying to feed us more food and we all laughed together.

Our being there was already a start to reconciliation. We were trying to learn more about people that we don’t understand and they were welcoming us graciously into their home. I feel like one of the most valuable moments of that visit was when we were all able to laugh together, we found common ground with these people and were able to speak the universal language of happiness. When we all laughed together we were not laughing as Muslims and Christians, not as Moroccans and Americans, but as people..


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