Hannah Montana and a Goat Head


A Hannah Montana backpack hangs high in a stand at the souk in Fes. In the stall to the left hang Moroccan leather shoes and bags. To the right are a variety of meats hanging raw from the ceiling emitting a smell hard on my nose. As I look at these three stalls I can’t help but think that 20 years ago this integration of cultures would not be so present. Everywhere I go in Morocco I see the evidence of Globalization. From the TV shows in a multitude of languages to the many different greetings yelled to the tourists in Marrakech.  No matter where in the world I travel there will always be a touch of my home culture there. No culture in the world is completely its own. Countries are so integrated together with a transnational history that it is hard to depict where one ends and the other begins.

As technology advances and travel becomes increasingly easy I wonder about what we are losing. There must be parts of the Moroccan culture that have been lost in their strive to keep up with the western world and keep tourists coming. The economy, especially in Marrakech, relies heavily on tourism. In order to keep up with the industry it is important for the vendors to sell up to date trinkets and speak their client’s language. As I travel I become increasingly aware of globalization and the effect it has on the countries I visit.  


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