In the In-Between


On the Ferry ride across the Strait of Gibralter I started feeling nauseous very early on as the waves started rocking the ship. I stepped outside for some air, once I was out there it was a little better but it wasn’t till I got up front where there was a more consistent breeze and it was less rocky that I finally felt normal. Most people had decided to go back down so it was silent except for the purr of the motor and the sound of the waves rolling against the ship. It was calming to watch the black water flow in the haze that surrounded the boat and blurred out the land of the two continents that we were floating between. I watched as the ship sliced through the black water making it billow and fold, changing it to a light turquoise blue and then white as it crested. It reminded me of sitting on rocks at the beach, my favorite place in the world. For a moment halfway across the world between two continents I felt at peace and at home, I knew that God was with me, on this amazing adventure providing his peace and comfort.

It was amazing to be between two continents. We had traveled between North America and Europe, true, but then we had flown above, not really interacting with the journey. This time we were actually there, suspended between two land masses. The same waters that people had crossed throughout history. People had crossed these waters to conquer territories, fight in wars, escape poverty, and like us embark on adventures. Before, when we talked about trans-nationalism in class it was a word with a definition that I related with history. Now, I have experienced what trans-nationalism means in its essence. To leave a place behind. To be a part of the in-between, when you are neither where you were nor where you are going. Then arriving in a whole new place where everything is new and different, where an adventure is just waiting to begin.



One Response to “In the In-Between”

  1. Bobbi jo Says:

    What a great way to open up “trans-nationalism” to the rest of us – food for thought — thank you.

    Bobbi jo M.

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