Journal Entry #2


It’s hot as we drive to Marrakech in our bus with no A/C and twenty sweaty, tired people. After two and a half weeks traveling across continents and through cultures we are all feeling tired and this five hour bus ride is less than ideal. The various complaints coming out of people’s (including my own) mouths are not helping. As I sit here quietly being annoyed at my situation I stop myself and reflect on how amazing my journey has been. I am quickly ashamed for having joined in the chorus of complaints as I look around and realize how privileged I am. I have been given this opportunity to go abroad and experience a new culture and further my understanding of the world. How many people have never been given the opportunity to leave their home country and see just how big this world is? I have been given the privilege to take this step and leave the comfort of my home, my city and my country to explore the world. I don’t know when I will be able to travel again and I know that I will never again be able to relive this trip or recreate these memories. So as I sit, sweating in my camel pants, I try to look outside my window and take this moment and this wonderful country.


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