Mohammed (aka the best tour guide ever)



The tour of Tangier was such an eye opening experience. Our tour guides name was Mohammed and he definitely one of a kind. He was wearing the classic pointy, leather, Moroccan shoes in bright yellow, accompanied by a jellaba and a fez. But then he was also rocking a pair of classic black Raybans, which i also have a pair of. Needless to say he was the most stylish tour guide in Morocco. Mohammed didn’t just survive on his great fashion sense though, he was also very intriguing. He would talk about God in a way that involved everyone and it was no longer his God but it was our God. It no longer felt like Islam or Christianity, but just about doing the right thing because we are all people of faith.

Mohammed was also fond of telling us to seek council from are parents on all important decisions because they are much wiser than us. Some part of me wants to believe that this is also because he is a father but the idea was interesting. I’m extremely stubborn so it would be very difficult for me to just listen and do everything my parents told me to do. While I don’t know if I completely agree with Mohammed it would show an immense amount of respect and love towards my parents if I asked their advice on life changing decisions.

Another thing about Mohammed that really stuck with me was his uncanny ability to get vendors to stop trying to sell us things. First there was a man trying to sell us jewelry and Mohammed called over the crowd saying, “They don’t want jewelry, they want history”! The second instance was a man trying to sell us drinks and Mohammed then explained to the man that we couldn’t because we were all fasting. He then proceeded to turn to me and said, “You’re fasting right”, and I told him we were. It was so funny! Mohammed is just one of the unforgettable people I met in Morocco and he will forever have a place in my heart as the greatest tour guide of all time.


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