Moroccan Beauty


The medina of Tangier was a sensory overload in the best way possible. Walking through the twisted cobblestones paths in what can only be described as a labyrinth was like a stroll through a travel brochure of Morocco. There were massive bags full of spices and stands entirely dedicated to olives. They had raw meat hanging and ready to be purchased. And the smells were incredible, intermittent with horrible ones too of course, but you could vividly smell the vinegar of the olives and the sugary smell of freshly baked pastries. You would stumble upon kids running around and playing, and cats too, so many cats, each one tempting you to pet it. The buildings were definitely something to behold as well. They were straight from a postcard. Old, white buildings with little verandas stacked on either side, capturing you inside, it was magnificent. That was my first experience of Morocco and it did not disappoint.

All this history made me long for more and for history in my own country as well. Even though the U.S is not nearly as old I want to find the beauty in my own country as well and Morocco has inspired me to do that. Shukran Morocco.


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