Understanding Leads To Reconciliation


So just the date of this entry stirs up feelings that this whole class is trying to work out. The one idea from this class that sticks out today in particular is that of reconciliation.

Spending 9/11 in a Muslim country has been very eye opening for me. Today we were able to speak with students at the university who were native Moroccans. About ten minutes in our conversation steered towards stereotypes that Americans and Moroccans have of each other. One of the Moroccan girls, who goes by the nickname Susu, brought up the one thing everyone at the table was trying to avoid. She said that Moroccans and Arabs in general think that Americans think they are all terrorists.

With that being said, a couple of days ago we were also able to speak with an Imam and we asked him about reconciliation between the Christians and Muslims and he said that he did not think any reconciliation was needed because the Muslims had no ill feelings towards the Christians in the first place.

So taking into account what Susu said about Americans thinking all Arabs are terrorists and what the Imam said about Muslims having no quarrel with the Christians I think where reconciliation comes into play is that it is really more on the American side of things. Especially on this day, somehow it has become twisted in America that Muslims are responsible for 9/11 and all Islamic people have it out for America when that is not the truth at all. Everyone I have talked to in Morocco seems to love Americans and treats us with the utmost respect and hospitality. I think Americans need reconciliation from 9/11 but that reconciliation comes from an understanding that Muslims did not cause 9/11, it was extremists who just happened to be Muslim and that has nothing to do with the rest of the Islamic population. As for Moroccans I think their reconciliation will just come from Americans realizing this. So for the time being the ball is in America’s court.


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