Youseff and the Arab Spring


Whenever I think about Youseff I am always reminded of Fadua. Youseff tried to go through life the right way. He attended college and treated his mother right, just as Fadua tried to help out her family through legal and legitimate channels. But they both were driven to extreme measures.

Youseff’s life was on track until the realization came that even though he was doing all he could do and trying his best to get a good education, it could lead to nothing. He would most likely remain unemployed because of the poor job market. Youseff had then lost his purpose and was manipulated at his most vulnerable moment. Youseff once again had a purpose in the form of a terrorist act as a political protest.

Fadua herself had a violent political protest when she was driven to light herself on fire in the middle of the street. To me the most shocking thing about Fadua’s protest is that the police just stood by and watched which shows how corrupt they are so I guess Fadua’s demonstration worked. The people then saw their government for what it really was.

Youseff and Fadua both were model citizens who eventually realized their government was crooked and were both just people who were standing up an fighting for their rights. However misguided their attempts might have been, they were willing to fight for what they believed.


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