A Spark


Arab Spring erupted on December 18th 2010. It has been a move of revolutions and protests. Since then Arab nations have used civil resistance, marches and social media to fight against oppression and injustices. Various governments have been overthrown including Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.  In the Arab world different people are protesting varying things. Some are protesting corrupt government, unemployment rates or simply put, a lack of hope. All who are a part of these protests and revolutions seek one thing; change. The people are standing up and fighting for basic rights and  for what they believe in.  The main promise of Arab Spring is to place the countries into the hands of the people, it offers a brighter and more hopeful future.

During our time in Morocco a fifth-rate film was released by an Israeli American, it ruthlessly bashed and offended the Prophet Mohammad. This idiotic film sparked a flame across more than twenty different Muslim nations. Some were peaceful protests, yet in Libya the U.S. Ambassador was murdered along with some of his colleagues. This was a shock to hear when sitting at our Hotel in Meknes. A few hours before we had discussed Arab Spring and what it meant. I am able to see this particular uprising as and not as part of Arab Spring. I myself would not define the particular violent and murderous action as part of Arab Spring. It was good to be able to recognize that it was an extremist group that murdered the Americans and they do not at accurately reflect the whole of Islam. On the other-hand I could define the peaceful protests as Arab Spring, because they were demonstrating against something that offended their beliefs and they stand for.

My trip to Morocco has inspired me to be more politically aware of the current events that are happening in our world today especially in the Middle East and North Africa. Beforehand all the information and news seemed so daunting, I had no clue to know even where to begin. Between class and the uprising that was occurring in various Muslim countries when were there it inspired me to be increase my knowledge. I am now able to draw connections within policies or relate things to Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Just as Arab Spring was ignited with a spark, this trip has sparked my own personal life. It has reminded me that if you want to help change the world, you must first be knowledgeable about what is happening in the world.



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