My Personal Journal Entry


September 6th, 2012.

I must admit… I am already feeling little tinges of homesickness. Saturday will mark my sixth week of being away from home during the entire summer. I feel like I haven’t had a girls day with my mom or movie night with my friends in months. I miss cuddling with my cat on lazy days and being surrounded by familiarity. In a country where I don’t speak the language, it’s been a little bit hard to find that. 

Luckily, though, I have an amazing host family. Maria, the mother, is patient and willing to help us in any way possible. The father, whose name we did not actually learn, is quiet but had a warm smile. The daughters, Maria and Elena, are gorgeous and funny. They have done everything in their power to make us as comfortable as possible. They have given us enough space to let us breathe, but are always there just in case we need anything. Every time that Maria prepares a meal for us, I want to let her know just how much I appreciate everything that she does for us. Unfortunately, due to our differences in language, this has been an impossible task.

However, at lunch today, the language difference disappeared. We were all laughing at the dining room table while Maria talked about Bambi, their cat with a crooked tail, and meowed while impersonating him. Clumsy moments made by Elena turned into laughs and smiles. When the meal was finished, Sophie and I gave them our gifts for letting us stay with them. They smiled while eating almond roca and asked questions about the little trinkets from Washington and Minnesota. When we thanked them for everything, I caught a glimpse of Maria tearing up.

Even though I have had a hard time adjusting, my host family made everything so much better for me. They showed me love with minimal words. They somehow managed to ease my longing for my real family. I could not feel more appreciative. 


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