The Woman Seller


As I walk through the souk in Fez my attention is grabbed by loud Moroccan men yelling short phrases in English to try to get me to buy their goods. “A democratic price for you” one yells “I like fish and chips” shouts another. The market is a sensory overload, with the strong smells of meats and tanaries, bright colors all around and people vying for my attention. However amidst all the men trying to get me to buy the shoes or purses they are selling I spot a young woman sitting on her stool merely watching as people walk by. She does not yell out to me nor does she try out an english phrase or call me a spice girl. She simply waits for someone to wander into her stall and do some shopping. Historically men were the only ones selling in the market however in recent years women have begun to take their place in the souk. The women I observed selling goods in Fez and Marrakech were silent and patient. Even without yelling outwardly and fighting for tourists attention I have no doubt that these women were just as qualified as the men and equally able to sell their goods and create a living for themselves. So while the women sellers do not automatically become apparent to me I try to search them out and give them my business.


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