Ali Zaoua


Ali Zaoua is a movie based in Casablanca, Morocco about the lives of some children living on the street. They are all homeless and they are part of this gang-type group. The leader is a deaf-mute older guy that sexually abuses all of the younger boys that he is supposed to be watching over. The four main boys of the story used to be part of that pack but they left and have been living on their own for awhile.

At the beginning of the movie, the sort-of leader of the four boys is murdered by the other gang.  This paves the way for the plot of the movie: the three friends that are left are trying to have a proper burial for their fallen friend. Throughout the entire movie, the boys invent new ways to raise enough money to get a pastor and a burial sight for their friend.

Even though this movie was sad to watch most times, I enjoyed watching it because it was so real and so raw and it did a good job at getting an accurate portrayal of what it is like to be a street kid in Morocco. I love the fact that the creator of the movie decided to use actual street kids instead of actors because the feelings and emotions are correct and realistic and not faked and directed. For a movie like Ali Zaoua (one that is meant to capture the true essence of what it means to be a street kid in Morocco), it was essential to have actual street kids play the part.

This movie not only shows people the lives of the children in Morocco, but also the lifestyles of the adults as well. This movie makes prostitution seem like a natural thing and who knows, maybe it is. I like that it not only frames how the children live, but also how the children view the adults in their lives. The children have had to take care of themselves for basically their entire lives and have caused them to have to grow up extremely fast. It’s really depressing to watch little ten years olds have to try and get food and sleep in alleys and on the streets. These kinds of movies make me thankful for everything that I have in my life.


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