A New Understanding


The way that I was treated in Morocco was much different from the way I am treated at home. My home and morocco have two very different mind sets. Not to say one is correct and one is not. Not to say I particularly liked one more than the other. But when able to understand that cultures effect everything up to how you treat the person next to you, you start to understand and lean into trying to watch for certain differences. The way that a man treated me in Morocco was much different than the way a man treated me in Washington, even up to the point of having a presence next to me, I could feel the difference very strongly. For me, while in Morocco there was a sense of automatic respect. I felt very welcomed and loved throughout the whole trip but especially when I was around the twenty year old hip hop dancers, who had an intent desire to guide and protect us. We had people that were looking out for us and it was one of the greatest blessings we could have had. But what was even better about this is that we were given an opportunity to learn more. To be able to dive into the culture more fully and let ourselves fall a bit more in love with Morocco than we already were. And in doing this I experienced some differences that I did not know even existed. Every time a man would approach me and actually talk to me, they were intentional, and present. There were no hesitations in complimenting on beauty or admiring ones laugh. It was quite refreshing to see a different approach, and I have to say it was one I enjoyed. Although it may have been harder to communicate, a different connection was forced to be created and it was somehow deeper. There was an understanding that was in-between every relationship, no matter the sex. I felt wanted while I was in Morocco, felt like I had a purpose, and a purpose with power. This is something that cannot be experienced until one visits this magical place, and I advise you to do so, because it will change you and your perspectives forever.


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