CeCe’s Ballad!


The Ballad of CeCe the Rat Slayer


Bold traveler gone forth to Morocco

Golden was her skin, perfect was her hair.

She travelled with a pack of amazons (and Jordan)

Proudly through the foreign land.

She was met on all sides with temptations

Cute rabid kittens and children selling cigarettes

With a heavy heart and confidant stride she passed them by.


At the museum the pack broke apart

Cece and her scribe Allie found the garden of beauty

Making sure to capture everything

The pair scoured the grounds.

In an alcove, hidden from view

Cece found a throne of blue and alabaster white.

She knew it was hers yet wondered how to claim it. 


Suddenly a rodent of unusual size

Crossed her path, launching itself at her,

Sharp teeth gnashing, whiskers quivering.

Surrounded by screams, threatened with danger

The fearless Cece threw herself into battle.

She launched herself into the air

Coming down on the beast, crushing it under her heels.


Cece claimed her throne and sat well upon it.

The ROUS was stuffed and mounted over her throne

A stark reminder of how Cece the Rat Slayer came to be.

Her legend lives on to this day.




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