La Alhambra – A Transnational Masterpiece


La Alhambra museum in Granada as possibly one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. The walls were so intricately carved that the sweat of hundreds of years of history still dripped off them. “Baroque” – the merging of Islamic mosque and Catholic Church – came together in a harmonious collision of shapes, angles, and space. As if the details were not enough, the tension within the cultural whirlpool, reconciling Christian, Muslim, and Jewish art felt alive. Crosses were centerpieces for entangled six-point stars. Eight-point stars served as backdrops for renaissance style archways, and wooden roofs remind onlookers of the artistically humble Muslim carvers. To say the least, the museum is a masterpiece, and the cultural transnationalism only adds to its wonder. The Golden Age of Islam’s timelessness and influence became apparent throughout the tour when making note of the elegant details that were tucked in the crevices and corners of the buildings. Long, drawn out walkways, beautiful gardens, and impressively sophisticated irrigation systems covered the property with an air of natural wonder. To think that this palace was constructed centuries ago during Europe’s dark ages is astonishing. It just goes to show what becomes possible when the hybridity of a society is embraced, rather than denied. What an exquisite place of beauty and historically transnational worship!


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