Transnationalism lives in the Al Hambra


The hike up to the Al Hambra was full of deep breathing and excitement of what was going to appear. Once we finally reached the top my eyes became like a deer in the headlights about to get hit by a semi truck. I was amazed at the beauty in front of my eyes. The immaculate detail in the different buildings intrigued my gaze and the endless fountains reminded me of my childhood always loving any change I got to enter the water, which is so pure and calming. The fascination with the Al Hambra to me was not just the physical beauty but also the beauty behind the majestic waterways and gardens; it was the idea of peace. Being in this beautiful place you could sense the peace. This was a place where all three monotheistic religions were able to live together in harmony without judgment of one another but with love and kindness. The transnationalism appeared in every building we entered for example entering a mosk and finding a cross. Transnationalism filled the waterways with different touches each religion was able to bring to each fountain or building. They would live in these building that were not only about them but their brothers and sisters through Christ that they respected and worked side by side to build these structures together as one. My breath was taken away as I heard the tour guide describe the peace but my mind was filled with anger. I was confused as to why it is so impossible now to all live in peace, what has this world come to? If we all believe in God why do the details matter now? I left the Al Hambra in peace knowing that I was in a beautiful structure with others of different religions all coming to see this peace. I began to wonder if all these people that pass through are able to feel the peace and seek the peace that was brought to them in Grenada. To me I left wanting to seek peace and understand my brothers and sisters and show kindness amongst all no matter the differences because to me God made everyone different and that is truly beautiful.


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