Our Story Does Not End Here


Our story does not end here,

The story does not rest in a city surrounded by water


It does not lie in the bosom of a statue in the middle of a plaza

It does not sit to watch the gypsy dancers perform their art,

It does not stand guard at an age old fortress


It does not walk among the streets of builders

It does not eat lunch with a welcoming family


It does not get lost in the medina of a port city


It does not hide in a cave


It does not sit at a desk repeating after an enthusiastic professor

It does not have coffee with fellow students

It does not have milk and dates with an amazing man

It does not ride a horse-drawn buggy through an ancient palace

It does not watch Moroccans “boogie” American style

It does not get lost in a market

It does not go to a bath with friends and leave it sisters

It does not visit ancient ruins in the middle of nowhere


It does not play soccer or basketball with kids at a school on a hill

It does not wander within a city that has thousands of streetsImage

It does not see a sunset on the ocean


It does not await a ride on a camel


It does not tumble in the tides of the Atlantic

It does not cry when crossing the Strait of Gibraltar by air

It does not take its time viewing paintings

It does not stay in the opulent architecture of a palace


Our story does not reside in the words of a blog

It still changes and grows

Our story stays with us, wherever we may go

Our story does not end here



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