Overwhelming Hospitality


The overwhelming hospitality that was shown to me in Morocco was so humbling and it was so refreshing to see that it still exists in the world. Part of it is that the culture in Morocco is naturally giving and hospitable but it was more than that, the people wanted to give and show love in every way that they could, even if they didn’t have much themselves.

From the very first moment that we met the people that worked at the Meknes ISA office, they were so open and friendly and wanted to make sure that each of us had the very best experience possible. They went out of their way to accommodate us and help us whenever we needed it. The first time that we were brought to the ISA office, they were very insistent on us making ourselves comfortable and made sure that we knew we could come by anytime and hangout or ask questions. It wasn’t just because it was their obligation to help us out, but because they really wanted to get to know each of us and wanted us to have a place to feel comfortable that we could hangout at.

One of the days in Morocco, we went to the house of an Imam to ask questions and gain a better understanding of Islam. I was expecting to just go inside, sit down, ask our questions, and leave, but he was such a generous man. Right when we first got there, he brought out milk and dates for us and then served us each individually. It was such a humbling moment because this man that is in such a high-position in Islam, was going around and personally serving us even though we weren’t Muslim and didn’t follow Islam. And after that, he was so open when answering our questions and made sure that we understood everything he was saying. He also just has this grace about him and he showed such love and kindness towards all people, regardless of faith. Not once did I feel awkward or judged for being a Christian instead of a Muslim because he kept saying that God loves all people and he never tried to convert us, he simply provided us with the information about Islam and let us do with it what we felt right. He was a very good man.

Towards the end of our week in Meknes, we split up into three groups and went back to the house’s of some of the local university students for lunch; the families were providing food for us. Right when we first got to the house, the families were so excited and told us to come in and get comfortable and were genuinely happy that we were there. For lunch, they made this giant bowl of coos coos with vegetables and chicken; it was so delicious. I just really appreciated the fact that these people were willing to provide food and give up their time to make lunch for a bunch of American kids that they didn’t know at all. It really shows the level of hospitality that is so common among the people of Morocco. They are so willing to share what they have with anybody who needs it.


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