Transnationalism is the crossing and mixture of different nations or cultural aspects. One of the biggest examples of this was the Alhambra. We visited it during our time in Spain and were able to have a tour of all the grounds and all of the buildings inside. The place was amazing and enchanting and so breathtaking. It took three hours to tour the entire Alhambra and throughout all of the buildings, there were so many examples of transnationalism. The buildings showed a mix of Christian and Muslim architecture throughout the entire Alhambra. You could see it through the use of which stone was used as well as the different shapes of the arches. Muslim architecture was very famous for using limestone in their buildings as well as the clover-shaped arches; Christian architecture was very famous for using bricks in their buildings and curved arches. Throughout the Alhambra, there was a mixture of all of these characteristics and an interlapping of the different cultures.

I experienced my favorite example of transnationalism during my time in Meknes, Morocco: the obsession with American hip-hop music and dancing. Some of the local university students that we met while in Meknes are part of a hip-hop dance crew and there was actually a dance battle going on while we were there. It was so crazy to see so many people with such a passion for American music, some of them that don’t even speak english or understand what is being said. It was a very clear way to see the influence that American culture is having in Morocco (well, at least Meknes). It was really good because we were able to form bonds and build relationships through shared passions and knowledge of the American culture that they are so interested in. It was definitely a step in the right direction for reconciliation.


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