Off the Market


“Extreme times sometimes demand extreme measures.”

This is the motto that a once independent and bright Moroccan woman lives out in a moment of pure desperation. In Laila Lalami’s novel, Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, Faten Khatibi is desperate for a taste of freedom. So desperate that she is willing to sell her body to a Spanish guard in order to escape punishment for crossing the Straits of Gibraltar, illegally.

07spain2-span-articleLargeIronically, Faten’s willingness to sell her body draws her further from freedom; it mentally enslaves her. By giving up her body, she is giving up her dignity. She is giving up everything she once stood for. She is limiting herself to nothing more than just an object for men’s pleasure. From this point on, Faten’s worth is found in prostitution. She has put a price tag on her body. A life she never imagined she would be a part of.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many women living in Spain. Due to the lack of opportunhand_with_barcodeities and support for women in Spain, Faten, along with 300,000 other women fall victim to the prostitution industry. These women are buying the lies that tell them have no worth anywhere else. To them, prostitution is the only way they can make a living. These women are losing hope while the prostitution industry is booming.

A human body should not be for sale. What is it going to take for this dehumanizing cycle to end?


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