Painted Beauty


IMG_7059I took this photo while we walked through the city of Asilah for the first time. I was blown away by the amount of art work that filled the walls of this small beach town off the coast of Morocco. As we walked through the maze of cobblestone streets, I couldn’t ignore the fact that the walls on either side of us were painted with bright colors like coral, aqua blue, sea foam green, you name it – life was painted all over this city in every color. It was obvious that serious time and patience was put into making this quiet city look uniquely beautiful.

I especially like the photograph of this man painting because it captures the patience that was put into the artwork everywhere in Asilah. As he waits for customers to buy his handmade art, he works away on original pieces with such a calm, peaceful manner (which pretty much sums up the entire vibe of Asilah). One girl in my group kindly asked him if we could take his picture and at first he steps away from the wall so we can take pictures of his art but we quickly tried to explain we wanted him in the picture as well. He blushes and points to himself with a look of confusion and as we nod and try to use hand gestures to point him back into the frame, he smiles at the camera at first but shortly after he shyly resorts back to his painting. It wasn’t just the art we wanted to capture, it was the memory of his presence we wanted to capture as well. He is what completed the picture, one of many people of Asilah who have painted their identity all over it. The people who have made Asilah such a memorable, beautiful, colorful, rare place that I already miss dearly.


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