“Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer


A man coughs, a baby gurgles, our plane goes over another bump of turbulence. The flight attendant smiles as she hands me a chocolate ice cream to tide me over until we land. Next to me sits Alsea, the same person I sat next to on that hazy 8am flight out of Seattle nearly a month ago.

“We’ve come full circle.” I say as we dig into our ice cream. It feels like we were getting on the plane to leave just yesterday. And now we’re on our way home.

“Yeah, the whole thing feels like it could have been a dream.” Alsea says.

We get lost in our own thoughts again, the swirl of memories already blending together, but I refuse to let them fade away like a dream. Throughout our trip I posted to Instagram almost every other day what I thought were the best moments I had captured, and (most of the time) I tried to caption them with the best ideas that had been discovered as we travelled. These were the crucial moments of the trip, the moments I didn’t want to forget or let fade away. I hope you enjoy them.


“Day 1: Toledo, Spain 🇪🇸⛪️⛪️⛪️🇪🇸”


“Bienvenidos a la ciudad de joyas.”


“Tour guide voice: “It was during this time that beauty and wealth started being displayed on the outside of buildings. Before that, palaces and castles had high, unadorned exterior walls so that the people outside could not even fathom the riches within. Now, we put the beauty on the outside for all to see.””


“Hey everybody, look at me! #spainandmorocco2015”


“Let’s moROCKan ROLL.” #spainandmorocco2015 #yesthatstheatlanticocean #yesiminafrica”


“🐪🐪🐪 #spainandmorocco2015”


“Morocco is currently winning the graffiti game. 🌈🎨”


“New friends and old friends


What’s the difference?



“There’s just something about touring an old mosque the day after 9/11 and having our Muslim guide point out the various Christin crosses and star-of-Davids placed throughout the ceramic walls. “They symbolize a time when all three religions coexisted in Morocco.”

Kinda feels like a hope that a time of coexistence can happen again.”


“Moroccan Hospitality (Noun):

When you spend a three hour lunch in your new friends’ house laughing and dancing and eating delicious couscous and as you leave their mother says

“You’re always welcome back here, you’re like my children now.”

Ft. Farah on the phone and us laughing about something Kharis did/said.”


“Today we got to spend time with two Imams asking questions and coming together as two worlds colliding under one roof. It was sweet harmony.”


“🇪🇸 I see you Madrid 🇪🇸”


“Today we found the Madrid City Hall and it’s beautiful.”


“Already missing Spain, Morocco, and these beautiful faces… I have loved every second of laughter, every sense of wonder, every slightly intimidating adventure, and every proudly miss-pronounced “lunch” and “shukran” with them. 💚❤️💛”


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