Donde estamos


I want to make fun of the other people in my generation who care so much about the amount of likes they get on their instagram posts but I think my level of empathy has grown over the last few weeks. It’s not just about vanity (although sometimes that is the motivation) but instead it’s about other people seeing what you see, the way you see it, and enjoying it as much as you do. I think it’s safe to say that outside of a handful of angsty youth, we all want to be understood. Luckily, we live in a time where technology and culture have collided to allow us to reach out to a wide variety of people who can read our words, view our pictures and virtually look over our shoulders, point and say “oh wow! I see what you mean!” So, I’d like you to take a minute and look at these three pictures to see if we can achieve a similar moment.IMG_0505 IMG_0496 IMG_1045

I’ll give you a sec to understand.

Okay, got it? No? Alright, how about I give you some context, then. Each of these photos were taken by moi, on our trip through Spain and Morocco. Two in Morocco and one in Spain. BUT, I bet you can’t tell which one was taken in Spain (it would throw me through a loop if I were you, too). The architecture between the two countries was so similar that as we traveled I had a continual feeling of deja vu. White walls towered over our group everywhere we wandered and there were always windows for people to peek out of (and us to peek into). Laundry was constantly present and strung out to dry on balconies. Cats were always roaming the streets. Elderly people were often hanging out outside. It was this similarity that compelled me to snap these pictures.

So how do I tell them apart? Lighting. The Spanish photo is a little warmer than the other two.

Spain was my summer and Morocco was my autumn. Toledo was history and heat. Granada was tours and gelato. Madrid was wine and late nights. Warm light filtered in through my window when I woke up each morning in Spain. Cool light greeted me every morning in Morocco. It was a welcome light that reminded me of home in Seattle where fall is overcast and blindingly white skies with crisp air is perfect weather for work and play. Tangier was strange and new. Assilah was cosey and breezy. Meknes housed friends who became family and streets that became familiar quickly. Merrakech was busy and pushy. The light around me reminded me constantly of where I was and when I was.

Hopefully I captured that in these pictures.


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